An Interview with Tom Garling

“Growing as a musician is a lifelong pursuit, and no matter how good you think you are, there is always more to do and somewhere to go, which is the best part about it.”

Transcribing in Class

“These projects and materials are intended to create opportunities to help students develop four essential musical skills that too often get overlooked: ear training, understanding form, harmony, and orchestration.”

How Can it Be Better?

If it Ain’t Baroque… It all started when my principal told me I have to teach literacy and critical thinking in Band to help support the academic progress of the school. “Yeah right,” I thought very loudly in my head. “I have to get these kids playing enough music for a concert that doesn’t make…

Composing In Class

Why does it matter? What’s the difference between a sophomore English student reading an Ernest Hemingway novel and a sophomore Music student learning a piece by Duke Ellington? Both Hemingway and Ellington were American artists born only a few months apart in 1899, and both of their careers were deeply affected by the culture of…